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The Danish Plastics Association Plastics Recycling Exhibition Aims To Raise Public Awareness
Sep 01, 2017

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The Danish Plastics Association has launched a two month show aimed at increasing public awareness of plastic recycling. The exhibition includes both ends of the product value chain: products made from recycled plastic and materials suitable for recycling. The Association says it hopes to change consumer habits.

The exhibition is held in Copenhagen. More than 250 plastics industry representatives as well as media presence.

At the opening ceremony, Christina Busk, manager of the environment department of the Plastics Association in Denmark, said: "the government has taken measures to promote the recycling of plastics and pointed out that the work related to plastic recycling is common sense.". Only when the relevant laws and regulations are made and consumer behaviors are clearly defined can they be recycled. In the future, we need to encourage the recycling economy rather than challenge it."

The exhibition, free of charge to the public, has attracted many stakeholders, and the Association says the task is to make sure schools visit and make more Danish youngsters become aware of plastics and the environment.


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