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The Establishment And Conversion Method Of The Software Coordinate System Of Cnc Hydraulic Tube And Pipe Bending Machine
Jan 10, 2018

The establishment of the software coordinate system of cnc automatic hydraulic pipe bending machine

The coordinate system in the equipment of cnc hydraulic tube bending machine is usually divided into two kinds of machine tool coordinate system and workpiece coordinate system. The latter is based on the former. The machine tool coordinate system is realized by returning the machine to the original point after each start of the machine tool. The origin is defined by the equipment manufacturer and is the basis for manufacturing and adjusting the machine tool, and the user can not change it in use. Therefore, in this bending machine software system, the coordinate system should be established through the return point operation of Y, B and C axes.

Software coordinate conversion of 2. pipe bending machine

Usually, the design information of elbow machining is to represent the drawing data of pipe fittings based on the coordinates of the connection points on the drawings, while the NC system needs not the coordinate data of the connection points, but the incremental pipe data for numerical control bender. It is necessary to convert the tube data into incremental tube data before processing the tube data from the drawings or in the absolute coordinates of Descartes coordinates.

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