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The Features Of Cnc Pipe Bending Machine
Aug 23, 2017

Pipe bending machine is mainly used for plastic forming of pipes. The characteristics of servo motor driven bending arm, movement speed, and also obtained rapid acceleration and rapid deceleration, and high torque; pressure in touch, pressure regulating system and boost the touch of center line radius system with a precision, heavy linear rolling bearing; car adopts gear rack and servo motor direct drive, provides high precision and high reliability to the system; self calibration pressure automatic positioning, can be quickly set; three station: can the multi curvature, diameter, bending and rectangular mixed multilateral processing; semi automatic or automatic feeding machine; application of pipe elbow position control of the propulsion system can be applied to small radius and complex elbow the power assisted; changing the mould, the mould replacement is simple and efficient. The structure is composed of wheel mould, clamping die, guide mould and mandrel. The CNC four axle bend can automatically bend, automatically feed and automatically tilt the angle. The three-dimensional pipe fittings can be automatically bent at one time. The four shafts of bending, feeding, tilting and horizontal movement of the head are controlled by servo motors

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