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The Innovation Of Cnc Automatic Pipe And Hydraulic Tube Bending Machine
Jan 14, 2018

Due to the wide range of cnc hydraulic pipe bending machine widely applied to bend pipe products, there are also many elbow pipe technology requirements and the accuracy of the elbow products.

Die machine equipment manufacturing industry plays a decisive role in the economic development of our country and modernization level determines the level and degree of modernization of China's national economy, the basic mold machine equipment manufacturing industry as the manufacturing industry, the strategic industry is beneficial to the people's livelihood. To achieve greater development in China's die machine equipment manufacturing industry, the road of reform should be taken.

As the large automotive mold manufacturing and machine tool manufacturing industry are mostly concentrated in the central and Northeast China, the R & D and manufacturing capabilities of its complete sets of equipment are in the leading position in China, and the heavy equipment products have an irreplaceable position in China. However, many state-owned enterprises still face challenges in the aspects of management innovation, institutional mechanism innovation and so on.

Secondly, the innovation ability of large mold equipment manufacturing industry is weak. Innovation and adjustment is a long-term process, and not in the short term. At present, many domestic R & D technologies for precision automobile dies are monopolized abroad, and a large amount of money is needed to import foreign technology or equipment.

The equipment cannot do without the mold design requirements, mainly due to the mold manufacturing equipment covering heavy machine tool equipment, especially major equipment, basically by state-owned enterprises, private capital penetration to the equipment industry, a single ownership structure, rigid mechanism, low operation efficiency, but also hindered the reform of mould machine tool industry road.

The development of the machine tool industry and the promotion of scientific and technological performance are a major impetus for us to do machine tools. We need to strengthen the development of domestic machine tool industry, especially the development of our domestic CNC tube bending machine, our industry in the next ten years and over the past ten years, in comparison, we introduced the hydraulic pipe bending machine, automatic tube bending machine, CNC development progress. Pipe cutting machines such as pipe cutting machine and pipe shrink machine are all in line with international standards, so that our machine tools can be compared with foreign advanced technology.

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