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The Installation Method Of The Die For The Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine
Dec 16, 2017

(1) bending die of cnc hydraulic pipe bending machine

Install: A, take off the wheel mode fixed nut (FIG-7 (1) in counter clockwise direction.

B, put the wheel die, and then lock the nut to lock the nut.

(2) clamping die installation:

A, pull out the clamp to fix the centering axis (FIG-7 (2).

B, put the clip in, and then insert the fixed axis.

Release the guide nut seat nut (FIG-7 (5)), then put the control panel in the manual mode. Press the clamp button (FIG-4 (3)) to the end of the guided mode. When there is a gap between the wheel and the guide, it can be adjusted with the guide screw (FIG-7 (6)).

B, adjust the guide seat adjustment screw (FIG-7 (6) so that the guide die and the wheel die completely close. C, press or drop the clip button (FIG-4 (6), and then change the screw (FIG-7 (6) clockwise to the 1/2-1/4 circle. "

Because of the difficulty in bending the waveguide tube, it has been greatly limited. The bending of the waveguide is also a difficult problem for the bending of microwave devices. Through the analysis of the plastic deformation characteristics and the bending deformation mechanism of the waveguide tube, and after a lot of theoretical calculation and bending tests, we have developed the waveguide nc hydraulic tube bending machine, which has achieved good results in the practical application of waveguide bending.

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