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The Most Important Precautions For Operation Safety Of Pipe Bending Machine
May 30, 2018

Stamping and bending, this is a key link in the production of moulds of pipe bending machine, and it is the last link. The stamping speed is limited by the oil supply of the oil pump, and it is also regulated by the directional valve of the proportional valve.

The main link of the die production process of the NC pipe bending machine is about these 5 processes. Each process involves a number of factors, including the quality and parameter index of the machine itself, and the human intervention, which may affect the production and production of the die of the bending machine. CNC automatic bending machine is one of the most common equipment in modern mold processing. The main working way of most China CNC pipe bending machine is the upper piston type press, its driving force has obvious characteristics, and it has a great relationship with the production process of the bending machine die. But it is undeniable that the production of NC tube bending machine is safer.

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