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The Production Process Of Recycled Paper
Aug 27, 2017

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The paper is made of wood, straw and reed plant fiber, paper by writing, printing, the inside of the fiber and no difference, on the inside of the plant fiber can be used for the second time, it re processed into paper.

Papermaking industry after 200 years of development, now has a variety of wood raw materials accounted for more than 90% of the raw materials of plant fiber, and now the global forest area compared with 200 years ago, has been reduced by 2/3, and is disappearing at the rate of 11 hectares per minute. Of course, the cause of forest deforestation than paper on the one hand, but if you use less wood in the paper when it can't cut down some of the forest!

Waste paper recycling will not only save wood. The wood is processed into pulp, papermaking industry said pulping process, the first to use the wood grinders crushed into small fibers, but also water and chemical raw materials for bleaching. If the use of waste paper in two times to re papermaking fiber, each made a ton of paper, relatively speaking, can save 100 tons, saving electricity 600 degrees, saving more than 300 kilograms of chemical raw materials......

At present, China has not yet formulated a scientific and detailed classification of waste paper recycling methods...... All kinds of high quality waste paper and low quality waste paper are mixed together and recycled. They can only be used to produce some low grade paper products such as cardboard boxes, paper boxes, paper and so on. Waste some high-grade paper waste materials. In addition, the sale of low-grade paper products market, sales are limited, so most of the waste paper will still be discarded as urban garbage.

Both high-grade and low-grade paper are processed from plant fibers.  But in fact, the source of waste paper is very complex, various manufacturers in the papermaking process, according to different formula with many different chemical raw materials, in the process of further processing and use, but also gluing, laminating, printing and so on in the paper above, some pollution and back in the process of this. The processing of waste paper into pulp, more impurities, removal is difficult. Therefore, in the manufacture of high-grade paper, always two times the proportion of fiber in the control of less than 20%, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee the quality of high-grade paper.

After the waste paper is recycled and sorted and sorted, the warm water is soaked and the pulp is beaten again. The impurities in the pulp is divided into two categories, one is sand and gravel than the major impurities, it will be empty and rough particles formed on the surface of the paper; the other is impurity plastic film, colloid, dust particles isobaric light, paper after high temperature baking, this kind of impurity meet high temperature will melt, stick on the roll wheel, the interruption of operations. They should be screened and purified separately.

A bath for two fibers -- a pulp cleaner. This is a heavy cleaner, pulp with certain pressure along the injection angle of tapered containers, forming a reciprocating rotating vortex in the container, the centrifugal force and gravity, the impurity was thrown to the outside of the vessel wall along the vortex, continuously downward, while the proportion of pulp fibers is discharged from the light the upper end of a container is another diameter.

This is light cleaner, pulp from below in the injection, centrifugal force and gravity, more than two fiber major outward and downward movement from the lower end is collected, the proportion of light impurities near the center of a circle upward movement, discharged from the upper end of the vessel.

After multi-step reciprocating slag, waste paper pulp, white sand are finally reproduce. The technology increased the ratio of two fibers used to make top grade paper from 20% to 80%. Recycling a ton of urban waste paper can make high-grade recycled paper 750--800 kilograms.

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