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Two Important Works After Receiving Shredders And Crushers;
Feb 24, 2018

In our practical work , many customers dont need us (zhangjiagang brighter machinery co.,ltd) send engineer to their for doing the installation and testing work , because the shredder and crusher is easy to be installed and tested and controlled ;

Thus, these kind of customer must note 2 important points about the shredder or crusher . 

First one, the gearbox and hydraulic station of the shredder is without gear oil or hydraulic oil, because they are forbidden to be shipped with the machine ; They gearbox and the hydraulic station are empty;   

Even the gearbox or hydraulic station is with lubrication oil and hydraulic oil, they are not with good quality. As a shredder manufacturer ,we only prepare the lubrication oil and hydraulic oil for doing the trial work before delivery, and they will be recycled for use in next time ;

Sometimes, labors may forget to discharge the oil before delivery , so the shredder ( our customer received  may be with oil inner the gearbox or the hydraulic oil; In this case, Customer need to buy new oil for replacing the old oil ;

If dont feed new oil , the gearbox or the hydraulic station cant work , even work , it may meet problem after running for some days or months;

Second important work is checking the connection case of the wires, electric elements in the control cabinet ; Usually, the shredder or crusher will stay in the container and on voyage for 1 months about , asia country is shorter ; the swaying of vessel may make the wires, connection of electric elements become loose;

If dont check the connection case, but start the shredder directly, some connector part may be burned;

So, every most esteemed customer, note the 2 points after receiving machines:

1. Replacing lubrication oil for gearbox, Hydraulic oil for hydraulic station;

2. Checking and tightening each connection of wires and electric elements;


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