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Waste Paper For Recycling - Basic Knowledge
Aug 26, 2017

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Waste paper, refers to in the production of life through the use of waste recycling and renewable resources, including a variety of high-grade paper, yellow cardboard ,carton, cutting paper, packing paper, paper business units, engineering paper, books and newspapers etc.. Internationally, waste paper is generally divided into three kinds:

● European waste paper,

● American waste paper

● Japanese waste paper.

Classification of waste paper

In accordance with the origin and use of waste paper, waste paper is divided into eight categories.

Wastepaper classification:



Waste carton

Used/post consumer corrugated box, scrap from carton manufacturer

Waste newspaper

Used newspaper without coating; overdue newspaper

Waste art paper

Used double painted calendars, posters, magazines, book covers, illustrations, art books, pictorial catalogs, handbags, labels, art paper, cutting edges, copper strips, stripes, etc.

Waste page paper

Unbound waste paper, sub-color paper and offset page paper, including office waste paper, book pages and white paper trimming, etc.

Waste kraft paper

Used all types of carton boxes, kraft paper, kraft paper bags, and kraft paper, scrap, books, pages and white paper cutting edges

Waste invory paper

A class of strong wear resistance between the used between pages of paper and paperboard paper, including postcards, used paper cards, album, name card, certificate, invitation cards, various cover, gift packaging paper bag, poker card etc.

Waste book and magazine

Used books, cards, magazines, overdue new books, magazines that do not contain copper or light paint materials

Special waste paper

Waste paper containing high wet strength agent, asphalt, hot-melt adhesive, etc., mainly including asphalt paper, insulating paper, cable protection paper, heat sensitive paper, carbon paper, liquid packing box, wax containing waste paper and so on

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