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Waste Products From Express
Aug 19, 2017

 BRIGHTERMACHINERY two shaft shredding equipment and one shaft shredder helps reduce the size of big carton ,cardboard ,newspaper, official paper ,book into small flakes .


We also have hydraulic bale press machine to make the paper before shredding and after shredding into cubic bale , the weight can get 300kg ,500 kg, even 800kg per bale.


With the rapid development of electricity business, the rapid increase in the package also brought the problem of packaging waste. National Bureau of Statistics data show that the current urban area mixed with the transport of garbage garbage delivery garbage accounted for about 15% of the garbage, and the increase in the amount of express delivery of garbage in the transport of garbage in the proportion of more than Jiucheng The

Express packaging industry used in the packaging materials are divided into tranches, envelopes, cartons, plastic bags, woven bags, tape and buffer seven categories. Among them, the use of cartons and plastic bags accounted for about 90% of the total traffic volume. At the same time, the data show that each recycling 1 ton of waste paper can be made 850 kilograms of good paper, can save 300 kg of wood. It can be seen that the number of renewable resources stored in express delivery is very impressive.








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