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What Are The Operation Skills Of The Pipe Bending Machine
Aug 18, 2017

1. proper bending radius of pipe bending machine

The size of the radius of the catheter determines the magnitude of the resistance that the catheter will cause during winding. Generally speaking, the diameter is large, the winding radius is small, and it is prone to wrinkle and skid during the winding. The quality of the winding is difficult to ensure, so the R value of the pipe bending die is generally 23 times as good as the pipe diameter.

2. tube type regularization

Plan and arrange to prevent excessive arc, curve, compound bending and greater than 180. Arc. Arc too large not only make tooling and heavy, tube bending machine size constraints; arbitrary curve, curved shape planning is not reasonable, greatly hindered the mechanization and automation of production, so that the operator is difficult to disconnect the heavy manual labor is greater than 180. The arc causes the pipe bending machine to be unable to unload the die.

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