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What Are The Ways Of Connecting The Steel Wire Skeleton Plastic Composite Pipe?
Feb 02, 2018



The connection of the steel wire mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe adopts two kinds of electric heating melting connection and flange connection. Electric melting connection is a composite pipe socket to electrofusion fittings, make embedded electric heat wire on the surface of the heat pipe fitting. First, melt the inner surface of the pipe and melt, expand and fill the gap between the pipes, until the outer surface of the tube also produces melts. The two melts melt together. After cooling, the fittings are tightly linked to the pipe fittings.

Characteristics of electric heating welding connection:

Electric heating welding connection is convenient for construction. Fast. The connection installation group can be implemented, and the welding is unified.

The welding reliability is good, and the strength and density are better compared with other connection methods.

Keep the inner wall of the pipe smooth and not affect the circulation area.

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