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What If The Cutter Of The Double Shaft Shredder Becomes Blunt?
Nov 27, 2017

As you all know, the double shaft shredder uses the inner blade to shred the material, and the blade belongs to the wearing parts.


The blades of the grinding double shaft shredder are different from those of other kinds of blades, and other types of mechanical blades basically grind the plane or the cutting edge area with the grinder.


Because of the particularity of the prop structure of the double shaft shredder, the grinding machine can not repair the "multi claw blade" blade.


If you only grind a single blade plane, this will cause the gap between the blade is too large, seriously affect the performance.


The blade is mainly worn on the blade, and the easiest way is to use the polishing machine to grind the inner edge of the blade until the edge becomes sharp.


In the process of grinding, we must pay attention to grinding along the blade arc, and must be perpendicular to the plane, so that the loss of the original blade is minimal.


Through the above explanation, did you learn the grinding method of double shaft shredding machine blade?

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