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What Is Skd-11 ,D2 ,Cr12Mo1V1 Blades ?
Jan 19, 2018

In our conversation with clients. We find many clients misunderstand the material of “skd-11”,”D2”,”Cr12Mo1V1”

Same materials has different name against the standards in different countries.

In Chinese GB standard , the material of Cr12Mo1V1, it is corresponding to the D2/T30402 in American ASTM/UNS standard grade , 160CrMoV12 of ISO standard grade , X155CrMoV12-1 of Germany DIN standard grade, X160CrMoV12 of Franch NF standard grade , BD2 of British BS standard grade , SKD11 of Japanese JIS standard grade , SLD of Japanese HITACHI standard grade , DC11 of Japanese DAIDO standard grade , CDS11 of Japanese NACHI standard grade , K110 of BOHLER standard grade , XW41 of ASSAB standard grade ;

Cr12Mo1V1, D2,SKD11,160CrMoV12,X155CrMoV12-1,


The chemical components of them are same :

C : 1.40-1.60

Si: 0.30-0.50

Mn: 0.3-0.50

Cr: 11.0 – 13.0

V: 0.8

Mo: 0.7-1.2

But due to different smelting way ,there is little difference on the toughness , abrasion performance .anti-rust property ;

In China, when we say SKD-11, D2 , what we say is “Cr12Mo1V1”, because SKD-11 or D2 , this name is more familiar for foreign clients;

How to compare the performance of SKD-11,D2,Cr12Mo1V1 ?

Answer: buying the SKD-11 from Japan, Buying the D2 blade from USA, buying the Cr12Mo1V1 blade from China. Then comparing the difference on the performance;

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