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What Is The Advantage Of A Steel Mesh Skeleton Plastic Composite Pipe ?
Feb 21, 2018

 1., it overcomes the phenomenon of fast stress cracking of plastic pipes. Because the structure of the two materials of steel and plastic is composite, there will be no fast stress that is difficult to overcome by plastic pipes.

2. more than ordinary pure plastic pipe strength, rigidity, impact resistance, similar to the steel tube low coefficient of expansion and creep resistance and other characteristics;

3. light weight, easy installation, pipe connection using electric heating weld joint, strong anti axial tensile ability, connection technology mature and reliable, pipe variety specifications

It is fully developed and can be connected with other kinds of pipe and valve equipment.

4. double-sided anticorrosion, with the same antiseptic properties as plastic tubes, and the use of high temperature and corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity;

5. the structure is excellent, the reinforced skeleton of the pipe and the inner and outer plastic is a whole, and there is no worry about the internal and external plastic and the exfoliation of the reinforced body.

The 6. inner wall is smooth and not fouling, and the loss of pipe water head is 30% lower than that of steel tube.

The 7. pipe material is designed according to the service life for 50 years.

8. by adjusting the diameter of the steel wire, the thickness of the plastic layer, and so on, the pipe material with different pressure grades can be made.

Steel wire reinforced plastic tube shredder plant

Steel wire reinforced hdpe tube shredder plant 


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