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What Is The Main Class And Application Of Plastic ?
Aug 04, 2017

1. The five General plastics :  PE , PP , PVC ,PS , ABS.


These kinds of plastic is with good processability , mainly used for agriculture ,packing , pipe , appliance ,cable,wire.


General plastics are not only easy for processing , wide application , but also with cheap price , and easy for recycling.


2. The General Engineer plastics : PA,PC,POM,MPPO,PEET ,PBT.


The main application of engineering plastics are packing bottle,drum, yarn( brush,fish net , filtering net ), Mechanical parts ( gear,pulley,gasket ) , car used pipe , toy , electronic products etc.


3. Thermosetting plastics : PF, AF , UP , PU, EP .


Thermoseeting plastic are mainly used in chemical field , car,vessel, electronic appliance ( lamp holder, socket, switch ) , also serve for space industry.


Thermosetting plastic can’t be melted ,but they can be shredded and grinded and pulverized into plastic powder ,mixed with binder.


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