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What Is The Oldest Plastic In The World ?
Apr 08, 2018

The age of plastic has been 148 years since the first plastic product,  CELLULOID, is invented in 1869; Celluloid is the oldest plastic in the world,  the PIngpong ,table tennis is made of celluloid; But now it has been forbidden to make toy; 

Here has an interesting story : Billiards becomes very popular in 19th century in USA ,but they haven’t enough balls for this hobby ; because the ball in that time is made of ivory ,super expensive ; 

So ,one of the billiards manufacturer quote 10,000usd to find a cheap way to make billiard balls ; A  JOH,W, HYATT, common labors in a printing company, started his research for this target ; after many times of failure , he finally get a right idea , Creating the first plastic in the people ‘s history; And now , we should remember this inventer forever , because of this great endeavor , many elephants are protected , whole human beings enter into a new times ;

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