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What Kind Of Plants Are Needed For Garbage Collection Station ?
Aug 04, 2017

For big garbage collection station , they may have various different kinds of scraps.


1. Plastic : packing films , shopping bags , bottle , drum , chair, crates, pallet , E appliance etc.

2. Wood : wood drum , box, pallet etc

3. Paper : commercial paper, old book , old newspaper, cardboard etc

4. Clothes , fabric ,shoes ,commercial chair etc

5. Glass: windor glass, table glass , beer bottle ,cup etc

6. Metal can, packing box etc.


Garbage collection station sort different types of scraps ,then , need sale them and transport them to their clients.


Like, the plastic film, bag , bottle , drum , chair, crates, carton , bear box ,metal can etc , they are hollow with big volume and light . if transport them by truck directly, it will waste much money. It is hard to make it a profitable businesss.


So there are 2 ways to make it profitable :


1: reducing the volume . same bag can load more scraps. BRIGHTER brand double shaft shredding plant is designed for this target . like out of date water bottle , the shredder help empty the water inner the bottle. Garbage collection station can compact the water bottle into a cubic heavy bale and sale the bale to water bottle recycler .   Some collect station may wanna reducing the big plastic into 10mm grade flakes for sale , thus , need a fine crusher.


2. increase the packing density: like the plastic film, waste clothes, metal can , empty bottle , they are light but hollow. BRIGHTER Brand baler can make them into a big and heavy bale for transportation , one bale can get 100~ 1000kg as customer’s requirement.


Some waste scraps is not valuable , they can be burned by an incinerator .


After the loose film or bag or paper or carton etc are made into a cubic bale , garbage collect station also need a forklift to carry the heavy bale , load them onto a trucl, or put them into an storage area.


A collecting truck is also necessary .


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