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What Kind Of Shredder Is Perfect For Processing Plastic Film And Other Soft Products ?
Jan 24, 2018

In the waste recycling market, there are many kinds of soft products , like , plastic film , plastic bag, canvas , sacks, clothes, textiles, ropes, tapes, fishing net etc ;

The single shaft shredder is very common in the market , but in the practical production , the capacity of output is not big enough ; for example , the shaft with length of 1.5m , only 1 ton/hour can be met ; but if using double shaft , the structure of the shaft is same as the rotator of single shaft shredder ; The capacity can get 4tons/hour ;

Single shaft shredder is more suitable for rigid plastic lumps, for example , HDPE LUMPS on the 1.5m single shaft shredder, the capacity can get 4 tons/hour; 

Our company ,Zhangjiagang brighter machinery co.,ltd( is talking a shredder with our clients from South Korean, this shredder is used for power station, with big capacity of output , 8 tons/hour ; 

What we designed for our clients is the double shaft shredder with 1.8m of rotator length , the structure of the rotator is same as the design of single shaft shredder , 150kw of motor power; This model can meet 8tons/hour for plastic film; Welcome to inquire ,lets talk more; 

Double shaft shredder

Plastic film shredder

Woven bag shredder

Clothes textile shredder


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