Shredder/Grinder :

Pipe Bending


  • High Quality Plastic Purging Shredder

    High quality plastic purging shredder Hardness to HRC60 of Cr12MoV( skd11,d2) material , balanced against good elasticity , is adopted for blades of the single shaft shredder , which is widely...
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  • One Shaft Plastic Purging Shredder

    One shaft plastic purging shredder For the capacity of single shaft shredder for recycling plastic purging , it can be estimated or calculated from their structure, volume, material, the screen...
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  • Industrial Waste Plastic Purging Shredder

    Industrial waste plastic purging shredder How much capacity of output can be realized for waste plastic purging ? If the waste plastic purging is not big,not thick , it can be recycled on common...
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  • Industrial Plastic Purging Shredder

    China industrial plastic purgings shredder that has a round rotor inside the shredding chamber ,destroying solid waste by many square blades;
    Heavy duty one shaft shredder for recycling...
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  • Heavy Duty Plastic Purging Shredder

    Best heavy duty plastic purgings shredder made in China , industrial single shaft shredder destroys and recycles plastic lumps,pipe,board,container,tank,box,film,bag ,ropes etc;
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  • Waste Plastic Purging Shredder

    Waste plastic purging shredder The single shaft shredder is the most common applied type of mechanical slicing or dicing or chipping plant for waste plastic purging ,and other kinds of waste...
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  • Plastic Purging Shredder

    China industrial plastic purging shredder with large capacity and uniform output size ,
    Heavy duty single shaft shredder for recycling plastic scrap from plastic factory and...
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  • Heavy Duty Single Rotor Shredding Machine

    The heavy duty single rotor shredding machine is controlled by PLC, with full-auto control for normal shredding and manual control for inspection and maintenance, has function of start...
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