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Hard Drive Plastic Lumps Recycling Shredder

Rugged hard drive plastic lumps recycling shredder Made in China,Chinese industrial shredding machine for size reduction of big solid waste ,
Heavy duty single shaft shredder recycles waste plastic,wood,rubber,paper,MSW,etc;

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1.Hard drive plastic lumps recycling shredder

The plastic lumps is known as the industrial waste , which require big shearing force but low impact load to the blades;

See the following picture and video , the hard drive single shaft shredder in the running , as the inside rotor revolves , the triangle 2 cutting edges and its blade’s nose produce a high shearing force , and small touching area at the same time ; When the plastic lumps or other waste products are held between the shredding rotors and the pushing head in the opposite side of the shredder , they are exerted with a compressive force against the shredding blades; These shearing and compressive forces causes the body of the plastic lumps to be decreased in the form of many small chips , of which the width is around the width of the cutting edge of the blades ;

2.More details about Hard drive plastic lumps recycling shredder:

plastic lumps shredder (7).jpg

plastic lumps shredder.jpg

plastic lumps shredder (10).jpg

plastic lumps shredder (6).jpg

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