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Hard Drive Plastic Lumps Shredder

Hard drive plastic lumps shredder Made in China,
Chinese industrial shredding machine for size reduction of big solid waste ,
Heavy duty single shaft shredder recycles waste plastic,wood,rubber,paper,MSW,etc;

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1.Hard drive plastic lumps shredder

All the time , whilst plastic production lines runs unstably , the melted plastic fluid may be overflow the extruder or the mould after it , the products here are also not qualified;

These industrial waste is called plastic lumps ,which require the special high impact shearing ability of the hard drive single shaft shredder to cut and realize high capacity;

Under the ruin of the hard drive single shaft shredder  , the big plastic lumps will be made into many small plastic flakes in 50mm grade or other size as customer’s requirement;

2.More details about hard drive plastic lumps shredder:

plastic lumps shredder (9).jpg

plastic lumps shredder.jpg

plastic lumps shredder (7).jpg

plastic lumps shredder (10).jpg

plastic lumps shredder (6).jpg

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