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Hard Plastic Lumps Recycling Shredder

Durable hard plastic lumps recycling shredder Made in China,
Chinese industrial shredding machine for size reduction of big solid waste ,
Heavy duty single shaft shredder recycles waste plastic,wood,rubber,paper,MSW,etc;

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1.Hard plastic lumps recycling shredder

An observation of any kind of plastic production shows that each will lost some plastic raw materials in production ; unqualified plastic products , edge cutting scraps, moulding waste, leftover and drained plastic fluid (be plastic lumps after cooling ) from extruders etc;

These plastic waste has high quality , clean and fresh . The recycling process can be done by reducing their dimension ,only;

A combination of heavy duty single shaft shredder and crusher can convert waste plastic lumps and other industrial waste into 12mm or smaller flakes for extruding again;

If adding an extra grinding /milling/pulverizing machine into the recycling system, the final plastic powder can be obtained easily;

2.More details about Hard plastic lumps recycling shredder:

plastic lumps shredder (9).jpg

plastic lumps shredder (11).jpg

plastic lumps shredder (12).jpg

plastic lumps shredder (10).jpg

plastic lumps shredder (6).jpg

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