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HDPE Pipe Shredder

HDPE Pipe Shredder

China HDPE pipe shredder reduces size and recycles solid waste ;heavy duty single shaft shredder for hdpe plastic pipe,drum,crates,tank,container ,film,bag etc;

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1.hdpe pipe shredder

The hdpe pipe shredder are workable for many super big hdpe pipe and pipe fittings manufacturer in the world, smooth or corrugated pipe , single layers or multi layers , pure plastic or reinforced with glass fibre or steel wires ,some hdpe pipe small to be less than 10mm, some hdpe pipe is so big to be more than 1m ,even 2m ;

Common small and cheap crusher/Granulator is no problem for small hdpe pipe. But it can’t work for big hdpe pipe ,or pipe fittings or waste hdpe plastic blocks from extruding mould or extruder ; hdpe pipe shredder helps to recycle them and save the cost for production;

Plastic recycling factory, they may have many sets of granulation line ; the waste hdpe noodles lump, hdpe lumps from filtering mould ; hdpe pipe shredder is also necessary for them;

2.Parameter of hdpe pipe shredder :

Smallest model : SCSP400 ,  22kw ,  100~300 kg/hour;

Max model: SCSP1500, 110kw, 500 –5000kg/hour;

Output size : 20~ 150mm, customized;

3.Photos of hdpe pipe shredder:

hdpe pipe shredder.jpg

hdpe pipe shredder (2).jpg

hdpe pipe shredder (3).jpg

application of single shaft shredder.jpg

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