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HDPE Pipe Shredding Machine

HDPE Pipe Shredding Machine

China HDPE pipe shredding machine reduces size and recycles solid waste ;heavy duty single shaft shredder for hdpe plastic pipe,drum,crates,tank,container ,film,bag,ropes etc;

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1.HDPE pipe shredding machine

110 mm hdpe pipe ,the thickness is around 10mm;630mm hdpe pipe, the thickness is around 57.3mm;Different norminal pressure , different thickness of the hdpe pipe;Bigger hdpe plastic pipe, the thickness even gets 100mm and thicker ;Common granulator is not suitable for processing them;

Our brighter brand plastic pipe shredding machine is mainly designed for decreasing the volume of big plastic pipe or plastic lumps from mould or big plastic pipe fittings from injection;

The hdpe pipe shredding machine make big plastic pipe into 20~150mm plastic flakes in one step,making them easy to be furtherly broken by Common granulator ;

2.SCSP800 hdpe pipe shredding machine :

Feature: most popular model in the market;

Width of shaft : 800mm

Diameter of shaft : 330mm

Size of blade : 40 * 40 mm , skd11/DC53;

Motor :45kw

Capacity: 300-1000kg/hour;

Gearbox: Guomao ,Top 1, China;

Quality: CE certificated;

3.Photos of hdpe pipe shredding machine :

hdpe pipe shredding machine.jpg

hdpe pipe shredding machine.jpg

hdpe pipe shredding machine (2).jpg

single shaft shredder3.jpg

application of single shaft shredder.jpg























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