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Heavy Duty ABS Lumps Shredding Machine

Heavy Duty ABS Lumps Shredding Machine

Chinese industrial shredders manufacturers ,
heavy duty ABS lumps shredding machine for reducing size of industrial waste from abs injection;
High security single shaft shredder for recycling solid waste scrap;

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abs lumps recycling Heavy duty single shaft shredding machine


As all we know , materials can be grouped in several ways ; The abs resin can be said as member of 5 main General Purpose plastics ,which is classified by their using amount in the market;  The abs material also can be seen as Engineering plastic , which can be used in manufacturing parts of mechanical parts ;

As for the industrial purposes of abs plastic , most of them is used for the components of electric appliances ,because of their perfect electronic resolution;

There may be a lot of waste abs lumps ,created in the injection moulding , when starting or stopping the injection extruder;

The heavy duty abs plastic lumps shredding machine , single shaft shredding machine, cubiforming blades, blades fixed on the surface of a round roller,  horizontally moving steel car for pushing waste materials to the rotating blades, can help abs recycler or abs products manufacturer grind the big and solid and rigid abs lumps into small flakes, e.g, 6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm etc, by 2 sizing grinding steps;

The small abs flakes can be used for new injection production directly;

2.More details about heavy duty single shaft shredding machine:

single shaft shredding machine.jpg  single shaft shredding machine (2).jpg

CE Certificate of single shaft shredding machine.jpg

single shaft shredding machine (5).jpg




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