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Heavy Duty ABS Waste Shredding Machine

Heavy Duty ABS Waste Shredding Machine

Chinese industrial shredders manufacturers,
Heavy duty ABS waste shredding machine for reducing size of industrial waste from abs injection;
High security single shaft shredding machine for recycling solid waste scrap;

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Heavy duty abs waste shredding machine


ABS waste can be divided into industrial waste and post consumer waste according to their source;

The post consumer abs waste mainly means the shell ,components of electric appliance , examples of househould appliances includes fridge ,washing machine, air conditioner , rice cooker , juice extractor etc; Examples of office appliances of printer, photocopier ,paper shredder .computer etc; Here , double shaft shredding can realize a big capacity for them;

The industrial abs waste is the solid and big lumps from the injection production , coming from the moulding when starting or stopping the injection machines; Here the single shaft shredding machine usually works as the abs waste recycling machine;

BRIGHTERSRHEDDER provides different solutions on different abs waste customer have;

2.More details about heavy duty single shaft shredding machine:

single shaft shredding machine.jpg

single shaft shredding machine (11).jpg

single shaft shredding machine (3).jpg

single shaft shredding machine (4).jpg

single shaft shredding machine (7).jpg

CE Certificate of single shaft shredding machine.jpg



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