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Heavy Duty Plastic Purging Shredder

Best heavy duty plastic purgings shredder made in China , industrial single shaft shredder destroys and recycles plastic lumps,pipe,board,container,tank,box,film,bag ,ropes etc;

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1.Heavy duty plastic purgings shredder

Designed at low rotational speeds, 45-100rpm , torsional torque to the external blades on the rotor of the single shaft shredder is sufficiently big that it can cut all kinds of plastic material , wood,paper,rubber, and some light metal produces .

The waste plastic purging is welcomed to be used as a hybrid to be mixed with virgin virgin plastic granules , and used to make new plastic products without decreasing their quality. Recycling or reuse of the waste plastic purging is vital , and is better to be timely recycled that the best chemical properties are maintained; 

If the plastic purgings and other kinds of waste from plastic industries are mostly thicker than 10mm or 20mm,  the heavy duty single shaft plastic shredder and plastic crusher shall be the correct type adopted;

2.More details about heavy duty plastic purgings shredder

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