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Heavy Duty Plastic Shredder

Heavy Duty Plastic Shredder

China heavy duty plastic shredder with good quality,
industrial single shaft shredder for size reduction and recycling of waste plastic,wood,paper,rubber,light metal etc.

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Multi purpose heavy duty plastic shredder

1.Brief Introduction :

The heavy duty plastic shredder is workable for breaking and recycling all kinds of plastic trash .

The heavy duty plastic shredder is with big capacity of output , max output can get 5 ton/hour

The heavy duty plastic shredder belongs to single shaft shredder;

2.Application list of heavy duty plastic shredder:

Plastic shredder for Plastic junk/purge from die mould of extruding ,injection ,blowing ,sucking industry

Plastic shredder for Unqualified plastic pipe,profile,board,container,tank,chair,piepfittings,cover,cup ,bowling etc

Plastic shredder for Plastic film,woven,non woven fabric rolls

Plastic shredder for Medical wastes 

Plastic shredder for Fish net , PA6 66 yarn , pet yarn ,pp strap , rope , pet filament etc.

Plastic shredder for Film in bale 

Plastic shredder for EPS PE Melted foam block 

Plastic shredder for E- waste.

Plastic shredder for MSW

3.Feature of heavy duty plastic shredder,single shaft shredder

Easy control , One button to start and stop whole shredder system

Safety : rotator with PLC for overload protection

Gearbox with special and perfect vibration reducing design

DC53 of HRC63 hardness , Toughness double the D2/SKD11. With long working knife.

plastic lumps shredder (2).jpg

plastic recycling shredder (3).jpg

heavy duty plastic shredder.jpg

plastic lumps shredder (4).jpg

application of heavy duty plastic shredder.jpg

heavy duty plastic shredder (2).jpg

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