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Heavy Duty Shredder for ABS Lumps

Heavy Duty Shredder for ABS Lumps

Heavy duty plastic lumps shredder for recycling ABS industrial waste from plastic injection industry. slow rotation high torque low noise single shaft shredder for destroying and recycling solid waste scrap;

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Heavy duty shredder for abs lumps


To complete the simple recycling procedure for the waste lumps of abs material , 1 set of single shaft shredder and 1 set of fine crusher are perfect suitable to such abs waste in big volume and solid ; pre-shredding in the single shaft shredder, furtherly grinding in the crusher , 2 steps of grinding work get customized 8mm or 10mm grade abs flakes for reuse;

2.More details about heavy duty single shaft shredder for abs lumps recycling:

single shaft shredder.jpg

single shaft shredder (2).jpg

single shaft shredder (3).jpg

plastic crusher.jpg

single shaft shredder (4).jpg

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