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Heavy Duty Single Shaft Waste Plastic Shredder

Heavy Duty Single Shaft Waste Plastic Shredder

China manufacturers specialized on industrial shredder machines,
Heavy duty single shaft shredder with good quality for recycling waste plastic lumps obtained in plastic production ,and waste plastic products of post-consumer;
Capacity:200-5000kg/h,Output size :50mm,10mm,60Mesh ,customized;

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Heavy duty single shaft waste plastic shredder

1. Introduction 

The components of the heavy duty single shaft shredder includes the grinding system and the pushig system ;
The waste plastic shredder contains one round roller , many rows of cubiform blades distributed in V lines on it’s surface ;
The pushing system inside the waste plastic shredder consists of a steel car ,moves horizontally in the bottom of shredder chamber , drived by a hydraulic cylinder;
As long as the waste plastic can be put into the shredder chamber , they can be shredded into small scraps in one step , the final dimension is customized to be 20mm as mini size;

BRIGHTERSHREDDER also provides high speed crusher for making extruding grade pellet ,and plastic pulverizer machine to milling plastic pellet into powder;

2.More details about heavy duty single shaft waste plastic shredder

waste plastic shredder (2).jpg

plastic crusher.jpg

plastic pulverizer machine.jpg

plastic lumps shredder (3).jpg

plastic lumps shredder crusher (2).jpg

plastic pulverizer machine.jpg

CE Certificate of one shaft shredder.jpg

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