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High Quality Plastic Lumps Shredding Machine

CHINA high quality plastic lumps shredding machine for decreasing bulk plastic lumps into 50-150mm , 8-12 mm flakes or particles for further disposal or reuse,
Heavy duty single/double/four shaft shredder for destroying and recycling waste plastic,wood,rubber,paper,wires,light metal scrap,MSW ETC;

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1.High quality plastic lumps shredding machine

The rapid breaking for plastic lumps is carried out by the single shaft shredding machine ; The single shaft shredding machine provide a relatively economical means of size reduction too;

A scientific and reasonable method of shredding heavy object ,like the solid plastic lumps , is by means of big shearing force but in low load and shock;

The small square blades fixed in the V shape grooves on the surface of a rotor drived by electric motor can meet both the two requirements , this is especially an obvious advantage for those kinds of waste objects which is super difficult for cutting , such as the plastic lumps, blocks, thick plastic pipe, thick plastic board , roller ,shaft ,base etc;

Our plastic lumps shredding machine is in high quality with CE certificate;


2.More details about plastic lumps shredding machine:

plastic lumps shredding machine (5).jpg

plastic lumps shredding machine (6).jpg

plastic lumps shredding machine (7).jpg

CE Certificate of plastic lumps shredding machine.jpg

plastic lumps shredding machine (4).jpg

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