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Industrial Plastic Chunks Shredder

China industrial plastic chunks shredder that has a round rotor inside the shredding chamber ,destroying solid waste by many square blades;
Heavy duty one shaft shredder for recycling industrial waste plastic lumps and waste plastic scrap of post-consumer ,etc;

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1.Industrial plastic chunks shredder

Looking at the following pictures ,the shredding chamber between the round rotor and the pushing part is big and deep , where a lot of plastic chunks can be stored from the bottom plate to the top of the hopper;

The sharp blades with the triangle teeth , cutting 40-50mm plastic flakes down from the surface of plastic chunks , can be made of skd11 (D2,Cr12MoV) ,or the DC53 which is the best material in China;

Taking the hdpe plastic lumps as an instance , 1 set of skd11 blade can meet the production lose of 1 year , DC53 blades double the workinglife;

The industrial plastic chunks shredder are widely used in plastic manufacturing and recycling companies in the world, saves production cost and create extra benefits for plastic business;

2.More details about industrial plastic chunks shredder:

plastic chunks shredder (2).jpg

plastic chunks shredder.jpg

plastic chunks shredder (3).jpg

single shaft shredder (4).jpg

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