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Industrial Plastic Purges Shredder

Chinese quality industrial plastic purges shredder for decrease the size of plastic lumps ,pipe ,tanks,drum,etc ,slow rotation,high torque,large capacity, low noise;
Heavy duty single shaft shredder reduces size of large solid waste into small flakes or particles for reuse;

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1.Industrial plastic purges shredder

The industrial waste plastic purges can be perfectly shredded on the single shaft shredder , which can store heavy and big waste products ,and cut them from one side to the other side ,with its many sharpe tringle cutting blade teeth and the inner car for pushing the waste products onto the sharpe blade;

The shredding performance of the single shaft shredder , making big plastic purges into 50mm small flakes in one step , creating a big capacity of output , bringing good stability of the shredder in the running , are supremely favored by all plastic recycling projects all over the world;

2.More details about industrial plastic purges shredder

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