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Industrial Plastic Shredding Machine

Industrial Plastic Shredding Machine

China industrial plastic shredding machine with good quality,
heavy duty single shaft shredder for size reduction and recycling of waste plastic,wood,paper,rubber,light metal etc.
Capacity : 100-5000 kg/hour; Motor : 18.5kw-110kw;

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industrial plastic shredding machine


Brief introduction :

Industrial shredder is defined against home use or garden use shredder .

The industrial plastic shredding machine breaks large amount of big plastic scrap into small plastic flakes automatically in short time ,creating big plastic recycling economical value.

Single shaft shredder as industrial plastic shredding machine is more suitable for thick plastic waste ,such molding waste lumps,garbage tank ,thick board , plastic pipe etc;

Double shaft shredder makes industrial plastic shredding machine gets better performance for thin wall plastic products with big volume ,such as plastic bottle,blue drum, oil bucket,fruit tank ,IBC Tank, car plastic bumper, conduit boards,shell of e appliances, furniture ,sofa,bed,carpet,blankets,clothes,fabrics etc;

For application of textile,yarn,ropes,fishing net etc, the single shaft shredder is also recommended to work as the industrial plastic shredding machine ;

industrial plastic shredding machine.jpg

industrial plastic shredding machine.jpg

single shaft shredder.jpg

double shaft shredder (2).jpg

application of industrial plastic shredder machine.jpg


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