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Industrial Shredder for Plastic

Industrial Shredder for Plastic

Professional manufacturers of industrial shredder for plastic in China.
heavy duty single shaft shredder crusher for reducing the size of waste plastic pipe,chunks,boards,tanks, crates,blue drum,bottle etc ;
Type : single shaft shredder and crusher two in one ,integrated ;

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1.industrial shredder for plastic

Single shaft industrial shredder for plastic is suitable for recycling wide range of plastic scrap. 

the single shaft industrial shredder is suitable big pipe /profile/sheet/board extrusion manufacturer , big electric appliances companies, big drum bottle  manufacturer , big waste plastic recycler , big waste collection station etc.

It is an high efficient industrial shredder for plastic, paper, wood,fiber,rubber, organic waste and a wide range of non metallic material. As for each customer requirement. such as the input size of the material, capacity and final output size etc. We can provide a best suitable solution for our customer. After being shredded by the industrial shredder machine, the output material can be used directly or go into next step of size reduction. With fuction of siemens PLC control system, it is possible to control start,stop, automatic reverse sensors to protect the machine against over loading and jamming.

2.Main features of industrial plastic shredder:

1. Safety Devices in line with european CE certification.

2. The hydraulic Ram pushes material against the rotor

3. Various Screen size for different material.

4. Various Rotating blade of industrial plastic shredder for processing different material. Blades are made from hardened DC53 steel. The Blades can be turned 4 times before it does not work.

5. Absorbs vibrations caused by the shredding of the material. this protects the machine and all parts in the machine.

6. Water cooled gearbox guards against overloading. Hardened teeth for the gearbox.

7. Protective bearing covers to avoid foreign contaminations entering the bearing house Also grease points to release oil at intervals to increase service life.

8 The Hydraulic ram pressure and timing can be adjusted to suit different material. The industrial plastic shreder be fitted with wind cooled two speed pump.

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