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Industrial Single Rotor Plastic Shredder

Industrial Single Rotor Plastic Shredder

China quality industrial single rotor shredder reduces the size of large scrap for further disposal or reuse ,
Heavy duty shredding machine for recycling waste plastic lumps from plastic production and waste plastic products of post-consumer,etc ;
Capacity:200-5000kg/h,Output size :50mm,10mm,customized;

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Industrial single rotor plastic shredder

1. Introduction 

The working way of the industrial single rotor plastic shredder ,as we see in the following pictures , is applied mainly for those solid and rigid and thick plastic waste , e.g. plastic lumps ,plastic pipes ; however, because of its strongest shearing force , it is also those products which is softer or thinner than plastic lumps or plastic pipes, e.g. hollow plastic drum,container, plastic pallet, board, bale, ropes ,fishing net etc;
Except for plastic waste , the industrial single rotor shredder is also workable for waste paper,wood,rubber,fabric,textile, some iron chips, aluminium foils,tanks , small plastic and metal wires etc;
The final plastic scraps obtained from single rotor plastic shredder is small and unform , that they are better for further crushing , chemical pyrolysis , and burning ;

2. More details about industrial single rotor plastic shredder

plastic shredder.jpg

plastic shredder (2).jpg

plastic shredder (10).jpg

plastic shredder (9).jpg

waste plastic shredder (2).jpg

waste plastic shredder (4).jpg


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