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Industrial Single Rotor Shredder

Industrial Single Rotor Shredder

China industrial single rotor shredder reduces the size of large scrap for further disposal or reuse ,
Heavy duty shredding machine for recycling waste plastic lumps from plastic production and waste plastic products of post-consumer,etc
Capacity:200-5000kg/h,Output size :50mm,10mm,customized;

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Industrial single rotor shredder 

1. Introduction

As the following pictures indicates , the industrial single rotor shredder has a cubiform shredding chamber , a horizontal rotor in one side , a reciprocating car moves from the other side to the rotor , a curve screen with many round holes under the rotor , the rotor is fixed with many sharp cube blades on its surface ;
When the industrial single rotor shredder starts, the reciprocating car will push waste products to the rotating rotor , the blades on the rotor will cut many pieces of flakes down together; by the control of the screen, qualified plastic scraps will fall down , bigger plastic flakes will be shredded again to be smaller ;
The single rotor shredder is workable for all kinds of plastic waste, and paper products, wood products, rubber products, some metal waste etc; But the capacity will be different ;

2. More details about industrial single rotor shredder

single rotor shredder (2).jpg

single rotor shredder (3).jpg

plastic shredder (10).jpg

single rotor shredder (5).jpg

application of single rotor shredder.jpg

single rotor shredder (6).jpg

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