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One Shaft Plastic Lumps Recycling Shredder

One Shaft Plastic Lumps Recycling Shredder

China manufacturers specialized on industrial shredder machines,
Heavy duty one shaft shredder with good quality for recycling plastic lumps obtained in plastic production ,and waste plastic products of post-consumer;
Application : Plastic lumps,pipe,drum,tank,crates,film,bag,strips etc;
Capacity:200-5000kg/h,Output size :50mm,10mm,customized;

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One shaft plastic lumps recycling shredder


The grinding way of one shaft shredder is particularly suitable for breaking big and solid block , plastic lumps , plastic pipe, pipe outfittings, thick board, thick box or container , other rigid plastic in bales ,  round wood or thick wood board or wood products , film rolls ,textile or ropes in bales ,paper rolls, wires, cables ,rubbers, mechanical parts made of engineering plastic etc;

In the shredding process , an instance, the plastic lumps will be converted into many small flakes ,of which the dimension is customized , mini dimension to 20mm ;

2.SCS800 one shaft plastic lumps recycling shredder

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