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One Shaft Plastic Shredder

One Shaft Plastic Shredder

China industrial one shaft shredder with good quality,
heavy duty plastic shredder for size reduction and recycling of waste plastic lumps,pipe,board,crates,tanks,drums,bottles,film,bag yarn,filament,ropes etc;
Screen control output size ,slow rotation speed,low noise,high torque,large capacity;

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one shaft plastic shredder


1.Brief introduction :

One shaft plastic shredder can be used for breaking and recycling various different kinds of waste plastic scrap , like plastic purges from mould , edge cut plastic sheel roll from production , unqualified big plastic products , plastic pipe ,pipe cover , outfittings , plastic profile ,board , chairs , tanks , shell of E-waste , motor ,toy , bundling type plastic film,bag,plastic strap ,belt ,filament,yarn ,textile  etc.

2.Photos of one shaft plastic shredder:

one shaft plastic shredder.jpg

one shaft plastic shredder (4).jpg

one shaft plastic shredder (3).jpg

Screen of single shaft shredder.jpg

application of one shaft plastic shredder.jpg

one shaft plastic shredder.jpg

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