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PET Shredder

Product Name : Plastic shredder Brief Introduction : The single shaft type plastic shredder is designed for reducing size of big plastic produce into small flakes, the final size is during 40~100mm as customer’s requirement. The final size can get 8mm ,10mm, 12mm etc by matching a fine crusher.......

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Product Name :

Single shaft shredder for high hardness plastic ,like pvc,ppr ,abs , pc, pf ,pu etc.

Brief Introduction :

  1. The pet shredder is single shaft type ,with multi square blades design . it is suitable for pet lump, pet strap , sheet , pet injection scrap ,and other engineering plastic scrap , like pc ,abs , pf ,pa etc.

  2. The output size is during 20 ~ 40mm

  3. The final size can get 8mm ,10mm, 12mm etc by matching a fine crusher.

Feature of the plastic shredding machine:

1.       The square is with 4 angles and can work one angle by one angle , generally,  1 set of blades can meet production consumption of 2 years. 2 ~ 3 sets of extra blades will be prepared for customer.

2.       The brand gearbox ,GUOMAO/BONENG ,is with new vibration reducting design. Whole pet shredder runs very stably. 

Plastic shredding machine basic parameter :

plastic shredder 10.jpgplastic shredding machine (1).jpg





































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