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Plastic Block Shredder

Plastic Block Shredder

The plastic block shredder is single shaft type , with square shape blades for cutting the rigid plastic block....

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plastic block shredder


Features of the plastic block shredder as below :

  1. Hydraulic pusher, an independent power system, the structure solid, smooth running, a big chunk of the large bundle of plastic can tear up, feed easily, large capacity.

  2. Spindle from the gear box drive, smooth running, low noise, large torque

  3. PLC program control system, automatically rotating, stop and realize fully automatic operation of equipment, safe and reliable running of the machine

  4. Blade material: Japanese Brand: DC53, knife with "V" shaped installation, so that the blade material cutting across the work evenly, reducing energy consumption,reduce noise; each of the knife has four cutting edges,wear and tear can be rotated 90 ° after the continued use; each to have two cutting edges set, wear can berotated 180 ° after the continued use; rotor blade  removable, easy to clean, maintain, maintenance.

  5. Electrical control panel: Programmable controller, (PLC: SIEMENS) PLC automatic control system,

  6. counter-rotating and stop automatically are realizable; SIEMENS AC contactor; The working name plate of every part of the machinery will be showed on the panel. There is emergency stop button on the panel.


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