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Plastic Chunks Recycling Shredding Machine

Best heavy duty plastic chunks recycling shredding machine made in China ,
Industrial single shaft shredder destroys and recycles plastic lumps,pipe,board,container,tank,box,film,bag ,ropes etc;

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1.Plastic chunks recycling shredding machine

The single shaft shredder not only remove the drudgery of pre-cutting the plastic chunks by saw for easier grinding , it allows fairly big plastic chunks or other kinds of difficult-cutting objects to be shredded in high speed ; What valuable is the target dimension of final plastic chips/flakes after shredding , they can be controlled to be mini 20mm;

The hopper type can be chosen according to the volume,shape of the plastic waste customers have;

The single shaft shredding machine for recycling plastic chunks has been designed with various features of low speed shearing cutting , low noise , and energy-saving;

2.More details about plastic chunks recycling shredder:

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