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Plastic Chunks Shredder

Plastic Chunks Shredder

China industrial plastic chunks shredder with good quality ,high speed plastic crusher for reducing the size of waste plastic pipe,chunks,boards,tanks,crates,blue drum,bottle ,film,bag ,yarn ,fishing net etc ;

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plastic chunks shredder


1.Brief Introduction:

  • The plastic chunks shredder is single shaft type , with square shape blades for chipping the rigid plastic chunks.

  • The plastic chunks shredder consists of a knife disc and a static knife to complete shredding material.

  • Cutter is composed of a base shaft and several shape quadrilateral knife block.

  • The knife has 4 angles, they can work by turns .

  • The knife distributes along the axis in a V shape line , and fixed in the blade base by screws , rotating with the based shaft together.

  • The two static knife is fixed on the machine frame. The material is sent to the cutter by the horizontal push car drived by hydraulic cylinder. The speed is stable and adjustable, and the propulsive force is large and uniform.

  • The single shaft shredder design is applicable to the recovery of a variety of bulk solid materials, refractory materials, irregular plastic containers and plastic barrels,chunks, tubes, films, fibers, paper etc. Spindle speed is 45 ~ 100 rpm/min.

 2.Photos of plastic chunks shredder:

plastic chunks shredder.jpg

plastic chunks shredder (2).jpg

plastic chunks shredder (3).jpg

application of plastic chunks shredder.jpg

plastic chunks shredder (4).jpg

plastic chunks shredder (5).jpg

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