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Plastic Drools Shredding Machine

China quality industrial plastic drools shredding machine to destroy and recycle industrial waste from plastic production ,and waste plastic products of post-consumer;
Heavy duty single shaft shredder destroys and recycles plastic lumps,pipe,board,container,tank,box,film,bag ,ropes etc;
Feature :Small dimension,small capacity,cheap price;

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1.Plastic drools shredding machine

Although the structure is solid , the body is thick , the volume is big , the plastic drools do have a suitable shearing way which can break them easily; The suitable shearing work is realized by the single shaft shredding machine ;

Many pieces of small square blades has been used to chisel and chip the plastic drools by their blade teeth and sharp chipping edges;

The shredding system consists of the many square blades, a round shaft , bearings, gearbox ,V belt,and a driving motor ;

Except for the shredding system, the plastic drools shredding machine also includes a pushing unit constituted by a steel truck , some round wheels ( or slide rail ) , a hydraulic cyclinder ,and a hydraulic station;

The whole system of the single shaft shredding machine is controlled by the PLC system of Siemens , one button for starting and controlling and closing ;

The single shaft shredding machine also has the manual control system for doing the checking ,inspection ,maintenance work;

2.More details about plastic drools shredding machine

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