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Plastic Purges Shredder

Plastic Purges Shredder

China manufacturers specialized on industrial shredder machines,
Heavy duty single shaft shredder as plastic purges shredder with good quality;
Capacity: 200-5000kg/hour, Output size :50mm,10mm,customized;

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Plastic purges shredder


The plastic purges , from plastic pipe extrusion , pipe fittins injection , injection for car parts, electronic appliances, extrusion for plastic board, sheet , film etc, is usually big and wide and long ; Bigger plastic machines, bigger plastic purges may be created;

After simply grinding , these plastic waste can be used for new production , by mixing some ratio of them with new plastic raw materials;

This simple grinding process is done by the heavy duty single shaft shredder and sizing crusher;

2.More details about plastic purges shredder

single shaft shredder (4).jpg

plastic shredder single shaft shredding machine.jpg

single shaft shredder.jpg

plastic crusher.jpg

plastic lumps shredder (2).jpg

plastic lumps shredder crusher (2).jpg

plastic shredder (8).jpg

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