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Plastic Purging Recycling Shredding Machine

China heavy duty single shaft shredder featured on uniform output size ,low noise,high capacity,
Industrial plastic purging recycling shredding machine decreases size of waste plastic lumps,pipe,boards,garbage box,chemical drum,fruit tank,bear crates,water container ,film,bag,ropes,fishing net etc;

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1.Plastic purging recycling shredding machine

The heavy duty single shaft shredder , allowing raw materials/waste objects with solid body and big volume and other difficultly cutting waste products to be shredded with ease , can helps plastic manufacturers or plastic recycling companies to gain a greater benefits , because the real shredding ability of the single shaft shredding machine is really strong , the shredder machine is really durable , the power consumption of the single shaft shredding is also very low , and the easy and relaxing work for operation;

For example , suppose a big plastic purging  with 1.5m of length,width,height, it can be made into mini 20mm plastic flakes/chips or particles in one step , with super big capacity of output to be 5tons/h ,and even higher;

2.More details about plastic purgings recycling shredding machine

plastic purgings shredder (4).jpg

plastic purgings shredder (3).jpg

plastic lumps shredder.jpg

plastic purgings shredding machine (4).jpg

plastic purgings shredding machine (5).jpg

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