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Plastic Recycle Shredder

Plastic Recycle Shredder

One shaft plastic can be used for breaking and recycling various different kinds of waste plastic scrap , like plastic purges from mould , edge cut plastic sheel roll from production , unqualified big plastic products , plastic pipe ,pipe cover , outfittings , plastic profile ,board , chairs , tanks , shell of E-waste , motor ,toy , bundling type plastic film,bag,plastic strap ,belt ,filament,yarn ,textile etc.

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Plastic recycle shredder


Brief introduction :

Many plastic recycling companies not only recycle one or two sorts of plastic , they may find and collect various different types plastics from different places. Like one grade plastic lump or purge from plastic product making company ,  post-consumer waste plastic from garbage station etc. the plastic products may be big ,may be small , may be thin , may thick , may be rigid ,may be soft .

In this case , a multi purpose shredder is required. Brighter brand single shaft design shredder is for this target .




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