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PPR Lumps Shredder

PPR Lumps Shredder

Chinese PPR Lumps Shredder manufacturer ,Single shaft shredder for chipping and recycling ppr cold and hot water pipe ,and ppr lumps from pipe or pipe fittings industry;
Final ppr flakes : 8-12mm,limited by screen; Capacity : 200-1000kg/hour;

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ppr lumps shredder


PPR (PPR), also known as random copolymer polypropylene (PPR) its products toughness, high strength, excellent processing performance, higher temperature creep resistance, and has a random copolymer polypropylene unique high transparency Advantages, can be widely used in pipe, sheet, daily necessities, packaging materials, household appliances and a variety of film production.

PPR lumps shredder for ppr pipe factory : Usually , ppr plastic pipe manufactures has many sets of pipe extrusion line. Some ppr lumps and unqualified ppr pipe will be obtained when starting or adjusting or maintaining or closing the whole extrusion line .

Brighter’s hopper-moving type ppr lumps shredder is designed solving this problems for clients. Big ppr lumps ,long big pipes can be throwed into the ppr lumps shredder directly, the ppr lumps shredder reduce the big lumps or pipes into small flakes directly. size of final flakes is customized.

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ppr shredder.jpg

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