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Rigid Plastic Chunks Recycling Shredder

Rigid Plastic Chunks Recycling Shredder

China manufacturers specialized on industrial shredder machines,
Heavy duty single shaft shredder as rigid plastic chunks recycling shredder with good quality;
Capacity:200-5000kg/hour, Output size : 50mm,10mm,customized;

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Rigid plastic chunks recycling shredder


The single shaft shredder ,as it is known to most plastic practitioners, is strong recycling machine for grinding rigid plastic chunks ; The rigid plastic chunks , high hardness , big thickness , large volume , are certainly not good to be grinded on common crusher( granulator, grinder) directly; The high impact and over-bearing load may damage the crusher soon;

It is necessary to pre-grind the big plastic chunks before fine sizing grinding ;

2.More details about rigid plastic chunks recycling shredder

heavy duty plastic shredder machine.jpg

plastic lumps shredder (2).jpg

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application of single shaft shredder.jpg

plastic shredder (8).jpg

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